All Your Questions Answered In One Place

General Questions (4)

Can I have a free consultation on my project?
What is the best way to get a quote?
Give us a shout or send us an email. An email is the best way to get a quote as we will need some information. Ideally, please send us what you are needing, how many you need, your budget, when you need the it, artwork if you have it and examples of what you need fabricated if you have it. We are on Pacific time and can usually respond the same business day.
Where can you ship?
We ship globally
Do you work with small businesses or only large companies?
We love working with small businesses, depending on the product we have no minimums and can work with tight budgets to produce amazing results.

Services (5)

Do you fabricate in the US?
We do. We create products both domestically and abroad giving us flexibility in material, pricing and logistics.
What industries do you serve?
We serve all industries but the majority of our clients are in automotive, entertainment, food and beverage and consumer goods. That is primarily because those industries need our services the most.
Do you provide design services?
We do, we offer physical and digital design services to help you get the product you need.
I need a trade show booth but I don't know what I need, can you help?
We certainly can, we love brainstorming with clients on event displays. Oftentimes an eye catching display can be created for less and with less than expected.
How long does a project take to complete?
That all depends on what is being made and the quantity needed. When necessary we can produce items in less than a week.

Pricing and Payments(4)

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept wire transfer, check and credit card.
Are there any hidden charges?
There are not, that is bad business and annoying. There can be additional shipping costs and changes in material cost with a client change request but we provide all of the information we have up front to give our customers what they need to make an educated decision as to whether or not our services match their budget.
How much do your services cost?
Pricing depends on service needed, quantity, materials and turnaround time. The easiest way to get a quote from us is to send us an email with what you are needing. Include artwork, quantity, budget and examples if possible.
What is the best way to get a quote?
Send us an email with what you are needing. include artwork, quantity, budget and examples if possible. Don't have all of these? That's fine as well, we can still help.

Promotional Items (5)

I need branded items for my company, where do I start?
The best place to start is by calling or emailing us with what you're looking for and letting us assist you. Buying promotional items can be overwhelming with the sheer number of options available, we can help you decide what's best for your needs and help you through the entire process.
Why should I use an agency and not go somewhere like Alibaba?
It's no different than any other industry, you can certainly go direct and do it yourself but experts have that title for a reason, they have the wisdom and experience in a certain field. Agencies have established vendor relationships that allow them to avoid issues the end-user may face by going direct. Not all factories are the same and quality varies greatly. If you have ever bought clothing online before you know what we're talking about.

There is also customs, high minimums and less room for error. If you submit an incorrect file type for printing it could very well get printed even though the pixelation distorts the finished product beyond recognition. That is the type of pitfall an agency will immediately notice and address before anything is ever produced.

Some agencies are also able to produce in-house giving the client greater control over the process and final quality. Ultimately, you can go direct but it is not always as easy as one may think.
Aren't promotional goods just cheap items people don't want that end up in the trash?
Some are, most aren't. We find items are wasted when a "one size fits all" solution is used and the demographic of recipient is not taken into account. Most promotional items will be kept and used for a long time, we just tend to remember those bad items more than the good ones. You may be reading this with a promotional item you kept in plain sight.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
Some products have minimums, we will tell you up front if there is a minimum order quantity and provide alternatives if the minimum is too high for your needs.
Can I see a proof before production?
You definitely can. We will always send a proof before production for your approval.