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About Our Company

Our Past.

The work that became The Metric Group started in 2008 when our founder starting producing regional auto shows. In 2013 we grew to inlclude other brand's live events, brand ambassador programs and event support services. In March of 2020, like all other live event companies, we had to cease operations and wait. And wait. It became clear as the months grew this was not a blip and the event industry would be severely impacted. Faced with few options we made the decision to pivot completely from event production and focus solely on one key event service we had been offering for years - fabrication. From our start in 2008 we had been creating displays for our own productions then client events, client products and client displays. Our support service was now our saving grace to keep the doors open. Every setback has a silver lining and this was ours.

Our Future.

Since our change in focus in 2020 The Metric Group has experienced quick growth, rapidly expanding our services to include prop making and prototyping. We even outgrew our original shop and had to move into a new location with more space. Our team has decades of experience in welding, woodworkding, leather working, set design and mechanical engineering. Our products have been sent around the world and you've seen our props while watching television.

What we Do.

We make really cool stuff. And we make it well. We love what we do and appreciate you taking the time to learn more about who The Metric Group is and what we do. If you've read this far why not give us a call and see how we can make your concepts a reality? Consultations are free and our phone tree doesn't suck.